Korean Hand Plow Hoe Garden Tool (HO-MI)
YoungJu DaeJangGan Original Homi
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Product Description:

• HO-MI HAND PLOW is the traditional hand-held hoe used throughout Asia. Its design is a work of genius. Includes a sharply curved tip that serves as a traditional plow to create garden rows, root out weeds and rocks, and dig holes for seeds. Super easy to use and makes gardening much faster and more productive.

• YOUNGJU DAEJANGGAN HOMI (Hand Plow Hoe): 100% handmade by Korean Master Blacksmith, No-Ki Seok, who has made Homi during his entire life. 

• PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT – Homi digger being lighter than most garden tools is easy to operate and can be easily used by anyone without requiring excessive effort.

• MULTIPLE USES – You can use this root shovel for multiple purposes like weeding your garden, digging for seeding and planting, and also for harvesting.

• MAKES GARDENING FUN AND EASY – With this ho mi Korean gardening trowel, taking care of your garden becomes easy, fun, and pocket friendly.

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